(Not So) Frequently Asked Questions

«Why is there no subdirectories, and no strong choices in directory structure like I can find in insert something here

We think it’s up to you to make such kind of choices. For example, if you have a good reason to separate what you’d call «components» and «containers» (a.k.a dumb components and presentation-less containers), you will for sure know it, and thus you don’t need the boilerplate to do it for you.

We tryed to keed the base directory structure as simple as possible, and as unopinionated as possible.

I want to use CSS Modules, Relay, Passport, Firebase, Auth0, insert your own here, why isn’t that included in the boilerplate?

We don’t want to include it in the base project, as it could be more harm than good.

If you want/need it, the best option would be to write an integration recipe in this document, so it takes only a few minutes to add it to a blank project.